Tenet (2020)

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I will first start off with saying that tenet doesn’t deserve that much hate it is getting. You’ll see all things you expect to see in a Nolan film. same mindfuck vibes. Acting is done purely well than any Nolan film I would say. Now to the main plot. Two main characters fighting to stop WWIII but it’s much more complicated. It’s a time inversion that will destroy their present to save the future, becuase the future is no longer habitable. But doesn’t destroying the past also will destroy the future? Well Neil explained it with the grandfather paradox. Because they think that destruction never happend in their past. They will try to do it to change future. Atleast that’s what I understand. I guess unironically thats what Nolan trying to say in the opening 30 mins “Dont try to understand it, feel it” xd. Then we got to know about Temporal Pincer Movement. Its where you move both backward and forward in time to approach any knowledge and use that knowledge in each side of the timeline to make it work. It’s too fucking complicated and they never really much explained us in normal conversation but they rather chose to show it in live time action that’s why it’s really hard to catch up and i guess that’s why people didn’t like it because of it’s over-efficiency. Tenet requires atleast a rewatch to understand that what’s really going on in one time. How there are three Neils in one place. But apart from mind-bending, MAN this movie has the best soundtracks that will keep you engaged till the end and the last 30 min of War sequence is one the best action and chilling scenes I’ve seen so far. And I think on multiple rewatch, you’ll begin to like this movie and think it as a masterpiece. Now to me, the ending was pretty lose but I guess I’ll take it after all that fully mindbending action. On a 2nd rewatch, my rating is 8/10 for tenet.

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