Super-Riz to the Rescue

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It may be a dead rubber but this inning will go down among the best played by a Pakistan batsman since format’s inception. The fact that Pakistan have always struggled chasing 150+, for a batsman like Rizwan to open & win it solely against Kiwis A listed bowlers only tells about the quality this inning holds. Strike rotation, boundries at will & huge sixes with a strike rate that grew as the inning progressed. I’ve always maintained that he needs to bat up, failures are bound to come but so are victories like this. Part & Parcel. Doesn’t matter how much of criticism the management get, kudos to them for sticking to Rizwan up top. He has shut everyone up here. On the other hand, Shahzad’s inning vs. Milne in 2010 moves down the list today, Rizwan against Kuggleign is our favourite now.

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