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After seeing this picture any one can understand that this picture is related to that kind of person who wants to be remain in positivity in his/her life. The caption in this picture “I don’t care” reminds any person to think about himself, his attitude and remain sober between those people who demotivates him or her, but everyone’s perspective is totally different from each other. Basically, criteria of thinking of everyone is different.
Just like this piece of art, I created this 7 months ago when covid-19 was at its highest peak and is still now. The motive of this was to tell people that what we were doing when people of Yemen, Syria, Barma, Palestine, Iraq were facing this exact hardships in their lives. Yes, I am talking about war. Whom they are fighting and facing from generations. The war between the strong and the weak nations. They faced hunger, thirst and isolation from their loved ones. We thought it was our duty to share and like that videos or pictures which were full of blood and babies were crying losing their body parts and loved ones. We never cared.
Do we consider ourselves as humans? Who are always ready to talk about other’s rights. Do we really are humans? Or instead of that I want to ask that did those were humans who were killed and took Shahdat by the will of God?

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